Sold                                                                                                                   "Flow"


                                                                                                      A Redwood Sculpture

                                                                                                                     Created By the Artist: Nathan Willis

       Nathan Willis has been working with wood his whole life and is fortunate enough to work at the family business, Burl Country, which allows him to choose from the best woods available to work with.
He has been involved in making redwood burl furniture for over 30 years. In high school he started turning bowls on the lathe and has developed his technique over the years to allow him to create beautiful one of a kind bowls and plates out of redwood, maple, and buckeye burl woods.
       He has recently started to create unique redwood driftwood root sculptures mounted on beautiful redwood burl slab bases. The piece he calls” Flow”, for it's undulating curves and twists, is the first piece in a series he is planning on creating. The piece ”Flow” stands 26 1/2”tall and the base measures 21” long by 17 1/2”wide.
Nathan sent many hours of sanding and polishing to get this piece to were he wanted it. He then sent over a week applying multiple coats of sealer and then catalyzed varnish finish on this piece until he achieved the look he wanted. This finish is a very hard durable finish that brings out the warm glow and luster of the natural colors of the wood grain.
        He is currently working on another piece in the series that, while similar, is a much larger piece. He projects to have it done by the end of the year 2018.

                                                                                                         Nathan Willis, Woodworker, Bowl Turner, Artist     
                                                                                                                              ph. (707)-725-3982

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