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2023 Price List


2022- price list of redwood burl slabs and bases. Prices subject to change without notice. Quality, rarity, and of burl determines price. We do offer wholesale discounts on large volume orders(20+pieces). We also offer Buckeye Burl clock and table slabs, subject to availability. Call for pricing. Buckeye slabs are only available at  retail pricing due to the huge demand and limited quanity available. Call for pricing.

       Due to last years major fires in the hills of California, Alot of ranches that provided buckeye burl where burned. This has severly limited the amount of quality good colored buckeye burls that are available. We have experinced this with a large increse in the cost of buying whole buckeye burls and the rising cost of fuel for trucking the wood has forced us to increse the price that we charge.


Clock Slabs-2" thick (sizes approximate)    Please note that the availabitiy of  X-Large Clock slabs is limited and not always available.


X-Small      4-6"x 6-10"  $10 to $18
Small 6" x 12" $15 to $30
Medium 12" x 16" $25 and up
Large 14" x 20" $35 and up
X-Large 16" x 24" $45 and up
X-Large Wall Pieces Sizes Vary $100 and up


Table Slabs-2" to 3" thick (sizes approximate, shapes irregular)

End Table 24" x 26" 2" thick $65 and up
24" x 30" 2" thick $70 and up
24" x 26" 3" thick $80 and up
24" x 30" 3" thick $110 and up
Small 36" to 47" long x 24" to 32" wide 3" thick $135 and up
Medium 48" to 59" long x 26" to 36" wide 3" thick $185 and up
Large 60" to 71" long x 26" to 40" wide 3" thick $275 and up
X-Large Over 71" long x up to 48" wide or wider 3" thick $550 and up

Table Bases-one piece cedar, one piece manzanita, or assembled redwood root.

Cedar Small or End Table $85 to $100
Medium $100 to $125
Large $150 to $225
X-Large $225 and up
Dining Table(when available) $300 and up
Manzanita Small or End Table  $100 and up
Medium  $150 to $350 Limited Availability
Redwood one-piece (subject to availability Small or End Table $125 and up
Medium $150 and up
Large $200 and up
X-Large $300 and up
Dining Table $700 and up
Redwood Root (assambled Small or End Table $150 and up
Medium $175 and up
Large $250 and up
X-Large $300 and up
Dining Room Table $600 and up
Multi- Level(custom order) $250 and up

Redwood for Turning

 We sell pieces of redwood for lathe turning, knife handles, pistol grips,pen blanks, etc. These pieces come in all shapes and sizes, so feel free to ask what is available. All this wood is sold by the board foot.

(12"x12"x1"= 1 board foot) We also sometimes have maple burl available as well.

Straight Grain $10 per board foot
Curly Wood $20 per board foot
Birdseye $30 per board foot
Lace Burl $40 per board foot

Buckeye Burl for Guitars, knife scales, pen blanks, bottle stoppers, etc.

 We strive to keep in stock buckeye burl suitable for instrument making. Call of availability. We also supply buckeye for knife handles, pistol grips, pen blanks, pool ques, flutes and any number of other items.

Buckeye Burl Slabs suitable for clocks, tables, wall pieces are available in many sizes when in stock. We look to have a new stock of slab pieces available by the end of July 2023. Call for availability.


Miscellaneous Redwood Pieces-1" to 4" stock suitable for pen bases, oil lamps, candleholders, small sculpture bases, etc. Price-$5 to $25

Manzanita Burl Balls-whole burl, 7" to 16" diameter. Out of Stock!

Buckeye Burl -whole burls, 2' to 6' in diameter, 24" to 36" high. Price $2.40per pound up to 1000 pounds. $2.35 for 1,001 to 2,499 pounds. $2.30 per pound for 2,500 pounds or more. Whole burls are sold at their heavy weight of when we puchased them. The burls are stored , dried and colored before offered for sale. This may result in them loosing 20% to 40% of their water weight.

Box Wood-redwood pieces, 3" thick, suitable for making bandsaw boxes. Price $10 to $100, depending on the size and quality of wood.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

All items must be prepaid before shipment. No C.O.D.'s. Payment may be made by check, cashier's check, money order, or credit card (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover). Orders must be shipped freight prepaid. UPS orders may be prepaid with freight charges included, if paid by credit card or check. We get great shipping discounts with the trucking companies that we use and will always strive to get our customers the best rate possible for their shipments.All shipping charges on returns of merchandice will be the customers responsibility!  We will only refund the cost of the product if returned in the original condition it was shipped out in. No exceptions!

Packing and Handling Fees-UPS and US. Mail

Unfinished Wood Small Box (12"x12"x12" and under)  $10 per box
  Large Box (OVER 12"x12"x12")  $15 to $30 per box
Finished Wood Small Box (12"x12"x12" and under)  $15 per box
  Large Box (OVER 12"x12"x12")  $25 to $60 per box



Packing and Handling Fees-Truck Freight

Unfinished Wood Regular Pallet $50 each
Double Pallet $100 each
Finished Wood Custom Built Crate $200 and up

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