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   Burl Country specializes in the retail market of raw redwood, buckeye, and maple burl slabs. We also sell whole buckeye burl stumps.Also available are whole blocks and chunks of redwood burl suitable for turning stock.We have a nice selection of large redwood root sculpture pieces suitable for landscaping, fountains, and free form sculptures.

   We are a family owned and operated business. We have been involved with redwood burl for 46 years. We log, cut and sell 90% of our inventory. We endeavor to provide the highest quality of redwood burl available. The stumps that we use are no longer producing new growth; many have already been dug out of the ground to make way for roads, log landings, homes, or other agricultural commodities. REDWOOD BURL IS A RARE COMMODITY. Only about one in one thousand redwood trees will have a root-crown burl or even rarer yet an above-ground burl. Unfortunately, many areas are inaccessible to heavy equipment to dig them out, so those stumps will be there forever. We also have maple, buckeye, and sometimes manzanita and myrtlewood burl. Call for availability

Patricia Willis, Owner


Nathan Willis,Manager

We currernty have whole buckeye burls in stock for sale as well as slabs suitable for clocks, tables, wall hangings. Call for pricing.

   Come visit our showroom! We have a large selection of finished burl wall clocks, custom turned burl bowls by Nathan Willis, finished boxes, pen sets, desk clocks redwood jewelry and much more!

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Please note that the slabs pictured below are not availible for sale.

 Sample Pictures of  Different types of burl wood patterns:

Birdseye Burl Slab 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Maple Burl Slab 1

Ceader Bases 1

Lace Burl Slab 1, 2, 3

Lace Burl Stump 1

Whole Buckeye Burls1
Table Slab Milling Pictures 1 , 2
Buckeye Burl Slabs

Please note that the availibility of Redwood Lace Burl is extremely limited. Due to this, we do not regularly have it in stock in large slabs.


Over the last several years, our company has been providing top quality buckeye burl to custom guitar makers, knife makers, custom pen turners and many other things. If you are an custom wood worker or a retailer and are interested in using burl, feel free to contact us about the availability of buckeye, redwood,or maple burl for your project.

We currently have a large stock of redwood driftwood pieces in stock suitable for building your own custome furniture , sculptures, and yard art. I do have some very large stumps sections that are suitable for displays, fountains, etc. Feel free to contact us about what you are looking for and we will see what we can find you to fill your needs!

We have in stock now a wide selection of old growth redwood burl blocks suitable for use are turning stock or resaw for smaller projects. Some of these blocks are big enough for hollow form and large vase/ bowl projects. Contact us with your needs and we will try to fill them.


The best way to contact us is to call us at (707)-725-3982 Mon. thru Fri.10:00AM to 4PM PST, Sat. 12:30 AM to 3:30 PM .We are closed on Sundays                

For Information and Orders contact: orders@burlcountry.com Please include your name and a phone number with your email.

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